Radiotelevisao Portuguesa (RTP)

Each of seven regions broadcast from RTP branded sets, with minimal design differences only.

Local landmarks were photographed, abstracted, coloured, and printed large on the backings.

These are lit by lights from hidden sources within the set.

A large 'deco' style clock forms the central feature of the backing, reinforcing the 'live' nature of the programme.
Despite the very small studios, each was to appear spacious, to relate to the openness of the 'parent' programme.

The sets are to set and strike, with the exception of the Evora set, which was brought into the studio (a converted first floor of a town house) through a narrow domestic window, up a winding stair. All component sizes were designed to these very limiting requirements.

The sets were built in Lisbon by F.O.Co., Construction Manager Isabel Rodigues. Setting in all regions was supervised by Shaun Moore Design.