Lisbon set: A proposal to move near to Lisbon's Expo '98 led to the inclusion in the set of a view over the new bridge across the Tejo, through a 'window' in a very modern building structure. The source of the image is a film-loop taken in differing weather conditions, and at different times of the year.

Back-projected onto an OOV screen, 'as live' the 'view' is reflected in a mirror wall, creating a 'virtual' depth in the studio.

The image is seen through a computer enhanced photo-matt of the building outside the window.
Porto set: The same idea in Porto, this time the picture is the famous iron bridge, Ponte de Dom Luis I.

Also 'as live', the film-loop is seen through a Computer Generated Image of a conservatory extension to the studio.
Shaun Moore Design worked with BBC Media Arc designer Ian Wormleighton, who designed the branding and graphic intros, in a co-ordinated contract.

The set was built in Lisbon by F.O.Co., Construction Manager Isabel Rodigues.